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Kᴏᴋᴜᴛᴏᴜ Mɪᴋɪʏᴀ ([personal profile] poetlike) wrote2014-01-25 10:58 pm
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-- regain.

Mikiya starts to wonder if Shiki is involved with the killings.
( Wilder game, 1/25/2014. Did not participate. )

He's sitting in a living room eating oranges with a family member. The man is tall and rough-shaven. An older woman calls him "Daisuke", and the man calls her "Aunt". Him and (Slick) lean in, discussing gruesome murders over the kotatsu. The killer is getting bolder; (Slick) notes that the culprit is getting used to killing.

However, Daisuke has found a clue. He pulls out a crime photo.

The killer left (Slick's) school emblem on one of the bodies, and Daisuke states he's going to visit the school soon to investigate. (Slick) is overcome with a sense of worry and doubt, his heart nearly stopping as he begins to connect the dots between Shiki and the murders.

- Mikiya is not referred to by name.
- Shiki is also not referred to by name, but by feeling.
- At this point, he only knows he has a distant family member who is a cop.

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