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A conversation with Touko: Mikiya says he'd love Shiki whether she was a girl or a guy, and he's relieved when Touko says she's definitely a girl.
( Yaksinis game, 1/31/2014. Participated. )

The memory starts with (Slick) scolding a girl who looks an awful lot like him and asking what that was about, calling her Azaka. She responds by saying that Shiki and her brother (meaning him) aren't making it clear. They are in a rather dark, rustic-looking office with a lot of old artifacts around. A redheaded businesswoman sits at the desk behind him.

Azaka: I don't know if you're treating her like a man or a woman.
(Slick): That's called petty suspicion. It's not something to talk about. Besides, my feelings won't change either way.
Azaka: (angrily) Are you saying that you'd like her regardless of her gender?!
(Slick): Well... Yeah, probably.

And then the girl smacks him right in the face with a book, screaming about how gross he is, and storms out. Slick lies there for a while, shocked, while the redhead cracks the fuck up.

Touko: You're really something else.
Touko: So, Kokutou.
(Slick/Kokutou?!): Yes?
Touko: Would you really not care if Shiki was a guy?
(Slick): Well, if I'm allowed to be greedy, I think it'd be better if she was a girl.
Touko: Oh, then there's no problem at all.
(Slick): No problem?
Touko: Right. Shiki is definitely a girl.
(Slick): Then, her way of speaking is...
Touko: It's unconscious behavior to make up for the man who died. At the very least, she wants you to remember him. (taking out a cigarette) Geez, she's pretty cute.

And that's where the memory ends (and goes into another one).

- Slick now knows he has a younger sister named Azaka.
- He also knows his name is Kokutou! Not sure if it's his first or last name, though.
- He's in love with a girl named Shiki.
- This Shiki apparently talks like a trucker.
- Also he might go gay for this person.
- He respects and listens to an older woman, calling her Touko-san. Oops, what are honorifics?