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Kᴏᴋᴜᴛᴏᴜ Mɪᴋɪʏᴀ ([personal profile] poetlike) wrote2014-02-16 11:58 pm
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-- regain.

His first date with Shiki-- well, actually, SHIKI. A little weird, but fun.
( Rotten game, 2/16/2014. Did not participate. )

During the school day, Mikiya receives a letter from Shiki asking him to meet her at the mall. She's exceptionally perky and talks like a boy, leading him to ask if she's really Shiki. Then there's a cute montage of them seeing a bunch of stuff and having fun together.

The memory ends before SHIKI tells Mikiya about Shiki's dual personalities.

- He and Shiki have definitely gone on dates before.
- This Shiki calls him Kokutou for sure.
- This other Shiki also dresses like a Rat. Huh. Interesting.
- And talks like a trucker.
- While confusing, he's realizing this is kind of like his description of her in a previous memory.

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