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-- regain.

Touko spends everyone's pay on a 'rare artifact'.
( Yaksinis TRAUMA game, 2/21/2014. Did not participate. )

Garan no Dou, the office from a previous memory. Touko-san, the redhead who is presumably his boss, has just told Slick that he is on his own this month.

Kokutou: What do you mean, wait until next month for my pay?
Touko: Even if I wanted to pay you, I don't have the money.
Kokutou: No way. You had like 10,210,000 yen transferred to your bank account yesterday! What on earth did you spend it on?
Touko: You added an extra zero. (reaching into a box) Well, it's a trivial item. It's a Ouija board from the Victorian era. I'm not expecting much out of it, but since it's over a hundred years old it may not be entirely worthless. No matter how trivial it may be, if it has traces of magic and a long history—
Kokutou: (angrily) I don't care about explanations.
Touko: I just so happened to see it on sale, so I bought it on impulse. Don't get so mad. I'm broke now, too.
Kokutou: So what? Seriously now, I'm not getting my pay this month?
Touko: Right. Each employee is to obtain money themselves.
Kokutou: You bet I will.
Touko: Oh, Kokutou.
Kokutou: (runs back hopefully) What is it, Touko-san?
Touko: Could you lend me some money? As you can see, I'm broke.
Kokutou: (annoyed) I absolutely refuse.
(And he leaves to try and figure out what the fuck he's supposed to do for money this month.)

- There's some confirmation that Mikiya is actively working for Touko-san.
- Shiki is also present in the office, leaning against the wall the whole time. She doesn't seem to care.
- Clearly his boss is interested in magical items.
- And she's also really terrible with money.
- This is one of the rare times Mikiya actually acts out.

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