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Kᴏᴋᴜᴛᴏᴜ Mɪᴋɪʏᴀ ([personal profile] poetlike) wrote2014-03-03 07:51 pm
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-- regain.

Praying for Shiki's safety while riding in an ambulance.
( Nafuna game, 3/3/2014. Did not participate. )

A relatively short memory. Rain is falling all around them. Mikiya watches the paramedics load Shiki's crumpled body into the ambulance, and he rides along with, hands clasped in prayer. He listens to the paramedics murmuring about vital signs. All he can think about is why. Why did she throw herself in front of the truck?

Why did she smile?

Mikiya moves to follow her into the ICU, but a nurse stops him. The doors close, and Shiki is beyond his reach.

The memory ends.